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Oscars statuette will be a 3D-printed recreation of the 1929 original

This year’s Oscars trophies are set to have a twist based on the old and the new – the statuettes are to be 3D-printed to mimic the design of those from the very first ceremony.
That was back in 1929, and now the design from that ceremony is being used to 3D print a mold around […]

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Scottish researchers 3d print human cells

Individual, tailor-made drug testing could soon become a reality.
The 3D stem cell printing team at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh have made a new breakthrough which could pave the way to individually tailored drug testing regimes.
Their hope is that the development could reduce the need for animal testing. The technology could also help ensure patients receive drugs […]

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3D printer Stratasys’ help save little girl with heart deformation

Heart surgery is no simple task, particularly when it comes to a five year old with a malformed heart and a potentially fatal condition.
The surgical team at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami decided they had to limit the amount of risk involved in the surgery. They took data gathered from MRI and CT imaging and created a […]

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