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A new Chapter for Plant Design and Factory Layout Planning

A new Chapter for Plant Design and Factory Layout Planning

April 21
10:37 2016

CAD_SchroerCAD Schroer releases the result of years of research, analysis and development with the latest generation of MPDS4 R6. The 3D design solution open a new chapter for the integrated planning of manufacturing plants and factories. The new R6 generation of MPDS4 is available now.

MPDS4 has always evolved on the basis of customer requests and their industry-specific requirements. CAD Schroer has written a new chapter in plant design and factory layout with MPDS4 R6 and brought a software generation onto the market that meets the needs of today, tomorrow and well into the future.

“The user interface is one of the key components in a software application because it is the link between technology and the user”, believes Mark Simpson, Product Line Manager at CAD Schroer. “When we designed the new user interface, we concentrated on improving everything that matters. The application is now more intuitive than ever, which naturally makes it very easy to learn.”

The new MPDS4 R6 has upped performance considerably and thus enables barrier-free work in 3D almost independent of size. The software architecture eliminates typical 3D weaknesses and makes performance faster than ever before, whilst taking up a minimum of hardware resources.

“MPDS4 R6 is able to generate complete 3D design data for manufacturing plants and factories in double-quick time”, says Mark Simpson, Product Line Manager at CAD Schroer. “The new, dynamic functions of MPDS4 R6 are also particularly worthy of mention because quite a lot has happened here. For example, modifying existing designs received special attention. The 3D functions as a whole have been significantly optimised and expanded, the results are impressive. Another useful feature is version control for a plant or factory, which allows users to return to any stage of the design process and make appropriate modifications.”

The latest R6 generation of MPDS4 also comes in new, industry-oriented packages. CAD Schroer has made sure that the packages remain affordable and flexible. As in the past, customers can choose between licenses for single workplaces or for networks. The application can also be leased for three or twelve months, which cuts costs dramatically. In addition, CAD Schroer offers comprehensive service packages containing all updates and both hotline and online support.


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