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A Wealth of Exhibitors at The Natural Food Show 2014

A Wealth of Exhibitors at The Natural Food Show 2014

March 25
11:37 2014

Thanks to a 38% increase in food and drink companies for 2014, The Natural Food Show at Natural & Organic Products Europe is set for its biggest ever edition next month, when it returns to London’s Olympia on 13-14 April. 

The UK’s only dedicated trade show for natural, organic, fair trade, sustainable, vegan, vegetarian, free from, and special diet food and drink, the following is an exclusive preview of just some of the new products being introduced this year.


INVO Coconut Water (stand 6016) is the world’s first coconut water to be cracked, bottled and HPPed all at source (in Thailand), keeping all the taste and nutrients that heat pasteurising usually removes.  Available in Pure, with pineapple juice, or Thai lime juice variants.  (New exhibitor, Spain)

FTN Nutraceutical Drink is a new supershot made with a patented blend of natural ingredients – blueberries, green tea, super algae and organic juices – designed to help the body’s natural repair process perform better for longer (stand 6050, Tree of Life UK).  Studies at the University of Florida and MIT have shown the FTN blend to increase cell reproduction rates and reduce recovery times from training, fatigue and injury.  (UK)

Newly launched into the UK market, Sencha Naturals’ Green Tea + C is a natural effervescent drink mix (stand 6050, Tree of Life UK).  It is made by combining matcha powder with other whole food-based fruit and herb extracts; including acerola cherry, ginger and turmeric.  (UK)

PLENISH – the only cold pressed juice company made in Britain – is making its trade show debut this year (stand 6110H in the Soil Association Organic Chiller).  The range of seven cold pressed, organic and raw juices and nut m*lks includes unique flavours like Spicy Limonade; Perky Melons; Pineapple Squared; and Mind Body Green.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Tick Tock & Dragonfly Tea (stand 7060) is unveiling four new flavours for 2014.  Green Gaucho Organic Mate Tea is the new addition for Dragonfly Tea, which is also unveiling its brand new packaging.  Whilst the three new lines in the Tick Tock Tea range (available to sample at the show) are Restore & Renew, Rooibos Vanilla Chai and Earl Grey Rooibos.  (UK)

Unione Trading (UK) is introducing ITO EN’s Oi Ocha – the most popular green tea beverage in Japan (stand 7108).  Ooi Ocha green tea has a smooth, delicate taste, with a hint of bitterness for 100% refreshment.  It also includes added vitamin C.  (UK)

Dr Martins Kid’s Coco is the latest addition to the 10 Degrees C – Dr Martins Organic Green Coco Juice range (stand 8012).  The first coconut juice for children, it combines the juice of young organic coconuts with the fine puree of fruity organic bananas in a convenient 200ml Tetra Pak with a straw.  (UK)

Suphra is a new brand bringing a Middle Eastern fusion to the UK market (stand 9015).  New for 2014 is its range of fresh fruit juices; including Pomtastic – a cold pressed pomegranate juice.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Rebel Kitchen (stand 9043) is showcasing its new dairy-free Choco, Banana and Orange Choc ‘mylk’ drinks.  Designed for kids (but grown-ups will love them too), the drinks are made with a base of coconut milk blended with pure spring water, date nectar and wholesome natural ingredients.  (New exhibitor, UK)


Primera Technology Europe (stand 3031) is presenting its new flat-surface label applicator AP550e.  A semi-automatic label applicator, the AP550e makes it fast and easy to precisely apply product and identification labels onto a wide range of flat surfaces; such as rectangular or tapered bottles, boxes, packages, bags, pouches, lids, tins and more.  (Germany)

EZ Squeezees (stand 4080J in the USA Pavilion) are the new refillable and reusable food pouches for kids and adults.  Simply unzip the large side opening and fill with any pureed foods.  (New exhibitor, USA)

Heavenly Organics (stand 4080P in the USA Pavilion) is exhibiting its range of three organic certified honeys (White, Acacia, and Neem) and organic honey chocolate patties.  The patties are available individually wrapped or 3-packs in Mint, Almond, Coconut, Ginger, Pomegranate flavours.  Also showing: 100% USDA certified Heavenly Sugar.  (New exhibitor, USA)

Organic and fair trade certified cooperative Terra Bio Soc. Coop (stand 6002) is introducing new formats of it semi-wholegrain spelt pasta and spaghetti.  The new additions complement its existing range of 23 products; including durum wheat pasta, egg pasta, cereals, pulses, minestrone and sunflower seeds.  (Italy)

Natvia – Natural Sweetener (stand 6012) is Australia’s all natural, zero calorie sweetener, which launched in the UK last year.  Made from the sweetest tips of the stevia plant, this healthy alternative to sugar comes in granules and can be used in exactly the same way; in coffee and tea and in baking and cooking.  (New exhibitor, UK)

New products from Triballat Noyal (stand 6028) this year, include Sojade Raspberry & Passion dessert and Vrai Greek-style cow’s milk yogurt.  Also showing: Sojade’s meat-free deli range.  (France)

Orgran Natural Foods (stand 6037) is showcasing its new look packaging, plus several new range additions including a Multigrain Crispibread with Chia.  With almost 30 years’ experience, Organ Natural Foods manufacture a huge range of over 80 gluten free and vegan foods, including pastas, cooking and baking mixes, breakfast cereals, and snacks.  (Australia)

Community Foods (stand 6040) is introducing two new additions to its Le Pain des Fleurs brand: Organic and gluten free Multigrain Crispbread (a nutritious combination of rice, buckwheat and millet), and a new version of its Buckwheat Crispbread; with no added salt or added sugar.  Both make great alternatives to bread and are sources of fibre and magnesium.  (UK)

Heavenly Tasty Organics (stand 6110G in the Soil Association Organic Chiller) is introducing its new range of award winning chilled baby meals (including Lentil & Vegetable Soup, Spaghetti Bolognese, Minced Beef & Potato, and Tomato & Pasta).  Free from dairy and gluten, they are perfect for busy parents and hungry babies.  (New exhibitor, UK)                

Sunita Foods is introducing four new vegan and organic Bruschettas from Italy, including Porcini Mushroom, Red Pepper, Tomato, and Mixed Olive (stand 7002).  Also showing: A new range of organic raw cold-extracted honey (available in Forest, Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme variants) from the Iberian peninsula and plateau, in Spain.  (UK)

Windmill Organics’ brands Biona – Amisa – Raw Health are presenting a choice of new organic products for 2014 (stand 7040).  These include gluten free baking mixes from Amisa; Coconut Bliss – Coconut Butter, Chilled Cocomega Coconut Spread, and Pumpkin Seed Spread from Biona; and Maya Honey and Pure Blossom Honey from Raw Health.  Also showing: New Protein Recharge Muesli and Protein Bread from Profusion.  (UK)

Iswari Superfoods (stand 7096) is launching a new range of instant breakfast mixes, which are gluten-free, organic, and raw.  The range includes Super Oats – made with sprouted oat flakes, and Buddha’s Awakening – made with milled chia and flax seeds.  Both are available in three flavours.  (New exhibitor, Ireland)

Global Foods UK is launching two new high protein products under its Dr Zak’s brand (stand 7101).  A high protein bagel and flat bread will be added to the range, which already includes the UK’s first high protein bread and pasta.  The company will also be sampling some of their other new products, due for launch later this year.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Nourish Kefir & Chia Seed tubs (185g) are the latest product offering from the producers of Nourish Kefir, the traditional organic kefir made from grains (stand 8022).  A healthy breakfast choice or snack, it contains live kefir (bursting with billions of naturally occurring probiotic bacteria) and omega 3 rich chia seeds.  Also showing:  Natural and organic Kefir drinks and smoothies.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Carley’s organic range of twenty nut and seed butters, now including Raw Hazelnut and Raw Cashew Nut, have been joined by five new non-dairy, no-added-sugar, raw chocolate spreads, English Apple Purée, roasted nut butters, chutneys and mustards (stand 8027).  Vegan and gluten-free, and not sold in supermarkets, all products give independent retailers 38% mark-up (27½% POR).  (UK)

KULAU GmbH – we love coconuts! (stand 8056) is showcasing its KULAU RAW organic virgin coconut oil.  Carefully centrifuged below 38°C from freshly harvested coconuts, the oil is extracted directly from the coconut meat – not from the dried copra.  (New exhibitor, Germany)

Erbology (stand 8060) is introducing its new range of organic sea buckthorn juices and spreads.  New flavours include Organic Sea Buckthorn & Pear Juice; Organic Sea Buckthorn Syrup with Honey; and Organic Sea Buckthorn Spread (Apple, Pear, and Mirabelle variants also available).  They are high in antioxidants and a great support to the immune system.  Also showing: Organic Virgin Milk Thistle Oil.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Vegetarian and vegan food specialist Food For All (stand 8064) is introducing two new products for 2014.  Organic Caramelised Pumpkin is the latest addition to the Chef Service caramelised range, created by Italian chef Massimo Piraccini.  Whilst Food For All’s Seitan Mix is suitable for anyone who is looking for a different source of protein than meat.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Holy Lama Naturals’ new concentrated Spice Drops range has recently been shortlisted in Ocado’s Britain’s Next Top Supplier competition (stand 8080G in the Vegan Society Pavilion).  Boasting a three-year shelf life, the spice drops contain highly-concentrated extracts of natural spices, ensuring fresh spice flavour without discolouring or affecting texture.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Jeeva UK is a new natural food brand launching into the UK market this year (stand 8080F in the Vegan Society Pavilion).  Its new wellbeing range includes a cold pressed organic certified Raw Virgin Coconut Oil and Jeeva Natural iON food supplement.  iON’s ingredients include wheat grass, aloe vera, withaniasomnifera, ginger, liquorice, banana, Indian Gooseberry, and green tea.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Yi, a brand of Ronan Foods, is a new range of ice cream alternatives available in five innovative flavours: Wasabi, Lemon, Raspberry, Chocolate, Coconut and Wasabi Ripple (8080M in the Vegan Society Pavilion).  Totally natural and extremely versatile, Yi iced desserts and sorbets are free from added sugar, fructose, agave, dairy, salt, nuts and gluten.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Launched last year, Divina Teresa (stand 8090A in the Vegan Society Pavilion) is showcasing its comprehensive range of vegan products; including vegan fish alternatives (surimi, fillets, fingers and cakes), American-style burgers, Frankfurt-style sausages, Golden Nuggets, and more.  (New exhibitor, Spain.

Zingology (stand 8090 in the Vegan Society Pavilion) is launching an exclusive new range of fruit and vegetable powders (including Beetroot, Carrot, Strawberry, and Raspberry).  Made from raw ingredients using an innovative drying technology, which guarantees all the nutrients and taste.  Designed to make eating ‘your five a day’ much more fun, they can be used in many different ways.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Unlike any product on the market today – granoVita UK’s new Organic Linusprout Sprouted Flax Powder with Sprouted Broccoli Powder is naturally gluten and lactose free, rich in omega-3 EFAs, high in fibre and an ideal source of protein (stand 8100).  Plus, sprouted broccoli is a highly concentrated powerhouse of phytochemicals.  It is also vegetarian and vegan friendly.  (UK)

Based in Dorset, Primrose’s Kitchen (stand 8104D in the Raw Food Pavilion) is expanding its range for 2014 (it launched last year with gluten free raw vegetable muesli).  New products include a raw almond and chia nut butter and an energy superfood powder juice mix.  (New exhibitor, UK)

New Chickpea Crispbreads from Easy Bean (stand 9011) are naturally gluten-free.  Handmade in Easy Bean’s Somerset bakery, with nutty-tasting chickpea flour and buttermilk from local farms, they are generously topped with toasted seeds for extra crunch.  (UK)

Granny’s Secret UK (stand 9017) is the first British supplier to import completely sugar-free real fruit juices and jams from Serbia.  New natural and organic flavours are constantly being added, and Red Grape 100% juice, Aronia juice and Elderflower juice with Acacia Honey join the range this spring.  Also showing: Organic Ayvar – roasted red pepper spread.  (UK)

NUA Naturals, suppliers of raw organic health foods, is making its show debut this year (stand 9019).  Showcasing its superfoods (including organic açai, barleygrass, cacao, chlorella, neem, maca, lucuma, and hemp protein powders), it is also exclusively launching its new chocolate covered ‘berry range’.  (New exhibitor, Ireland)

Following a successful debut in Yorkshire, which saw them scoop a prestigious local food award, Jollyum (stand 9020) is launching its new dairy-free frozen dessert across the UK.  Made using organic soya and quality natural ingredients (free from gluten and refined sugars), the range includes: Double Chocolate, Summer Strawberry, Passion fruit & Chocolate, and Maple & Pecan.  (New exhibitor, UK)

OkoBay Coconut Water Ice is the first product to launch from OkoBay (stand 9022).  A coconut water based ice-lolly, which has the taste experience of a refreshing sorbet, the range currently includes Natural and Pineapple flavours.  They contain no artificial ingredients and no added sugar, are dairy free, GMO free, soy free and suitable for vegetarians.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Miracle Matcha (stand 9035) is showcasing its recently launched 100% Pure White Tea Matcha Capsules (400mg).  Sourced exclusively from high above the fertile Rift Valley in Kenya, Miracle Matcha white tea has three times the antioxidant levels of other matchas.  It is also a functional ingredient in Miracle Matcha’s Health Shot and Health Mix-in.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Edorganic (stand 9041) is exhibiting a choice of organic produce from the northern region of Spain, lying between the Pyrenees and Ebro River.  New additions include dairy free croquettes, Ékolo-BIO juices, and herbs.  With landscapes ranging from mountainous terrain to forests and meadows, the region has 17% of its cultivated surface dedicated to organic agriculture.  (UK)

Toucan Fruit (stand 9054) is inviting show visitors to fall head over heels with fruit again, as it unveils new additions to its Colombian exotics range: Cacao fruit, Pepino Melon, Granadilla and Tamarillo.  Available pre-packed and in basket form.  (New exhibitor, UK)

New additions to the PERKIER Foods range (stand 9091) include PERK!ER Golden Syrup porridge pot and first to market PERK!ER Tiffin sharing tub.  A distinctive new British brand, PERK!ER creates naturally nutritious breakfasts and snacks, which are all gluten and wheat free.  (UK)

Natur Boutique’s certified organic Sun Dried Bananas now come in individually foil wrapped portions (stand 9094).  The colourful new packaging is designed to appeal to the kid in everybody.  (UK)

Mara Seaweed (stand 9096) is showcasing its collection of premium hand harvested, seasonally picked, seaweed seasonings.  Dried and ground naturally to lock in their intense umami flavour, they are stored in shaker/taster tins for ease of use.  With flavours ranging from smoky to sweet, they are a healthy, mineral rich, salt alternative.  (New exhibitor, UK)

2014 sees the launch of a brand new range of gourmet flours and grains from Doves Farm Foods (stand 6060P in the OTB Pavilion).  The extensive range comprises of 16 new products, including grains such as Teff, Quinoa and Millet.  (UK)

Mitch Tonk’s signature Haddock chowder is made by Tideford Organic Foods to his exact recipe using organic potatoes, smoked bacon, leeks and peas, together with haddock caught off the coast of Devon and Cornwall using wide meshed otter trawl nets (stand 6060K in the OTB Pavilion).  It’s organic and gluten free.  (UK)

Booja-Booja Ice Cream Alternatives are now more enticing with a new lower RRP of just £5.99 (stand 4040C in the HFMA Pavilion).  These premium organic desserts have no refined sugars and are dairy, gluten and soya free.  Buyers can support mountain gorilla conservation with every tub of Keep Smiling Vanilla M’Gorilla, now with 38% more vanilla.  (UK)

Amy’s Kitchen (stand 6070) will be sampling recent additions to its range at this year’s show: including Gluten Free Rice Crust Pizza, Chunky Tomato Soup and Hearty French Country Vegetable Soup.  (UK)

Gluten Free Foods (7034) is focused on making sure that consumers get their day off to the right start with a perfect breakfast from Barkat.  The Barkat range includes ten different cereals, including organic cornflakes, muesli and porridge flakes.  (UK)


Il Modicano – Organic Chocolate (stand 5110-8 in the Sicilian Pavilion) is showcasing its range of 100% organic and vegan chocolate, which is dairy and gluten free, and sweetened with agave.  Products include soya milk and agave chocolate, and soya milk hazelnut-cocoa.  (New exhibitor, Sicily)

Acti-Snack (stand 6010) is a unique range of mixed fruit, nut and seed snacking products, which deliver an ‘energy on the go’ solution, combining health, nutrition and taste.  These five innovative mixes, all of which are gluten free, and free from artificial additives and preservatives, are designed to meet specific sports nutrition requirements.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Award winning Seed and Bean Organic Chocolate (stand 6060L in the OTB Pavilion) has just unveiled an exciting rebrand, which reflects the magic and creativity of this quintessential British company.  The UK’s only 100% ethically accredited chocolate brand, the range of flavours is ever increasing and it now boasts an impressive 18 different flavoured chocolate bars.  (UK)

Lovechock’s latest addition is Lovechock Cherry/Chili (stand 7030).  An extravagant dark chocolate with sweet cherries, crunchy bits of cacao bean, cinnamon and a hint of spicy cayenne pepper.  (The Netherlands)

Nakd Wholefoods (stand 7076) is promoting its new Nakd Bits products at this year’s show.  Bite-sized pieces of the company’s top selling bars are now available in a sharing format – making them perfect to nibble on at work, sprinkle over dessert or share with friends.  (UK)

Following the success of its Hummus & Lentil Chips in 2013, Cofresh Snack Foods (stand 7099) is introducing a new range of Quinoa Chips.  Made from the super Quinoa grain, they are available in five mouth-watering varieties (Plain, Sundried Tomato & Roasted Garlic, Hot & Spicy, Sour Cream & Chives, and Chilli & Fresh Lime) and two pack formats.  (UK)

The new Vanilla Choc Chip Protein Bar from Pulsin’ (stand 7110) combines almonds, rice protein, chocolate chips and vanilla.  With a low GI/GL, it is free from gluten, dairy, soya, egg and wheat, and provides 12g of protein.  It is perfect for recovery after exercise and beats hunger in between meals.  (UK)

SuroVital S.C. (stand 8019) is showcasing its new Raw Chocolate Covered Bananas, which combines the sweet taste of dried bananas with 70% dark chocolate made from unroasted cocoa beans.  Also showing: New Raw Chocolate Covered Cashews.  (New exhibitor, Poland)

FREE’IST (stand 8020) is an innovative new range of sugar free and no added sugar products.  The 13-strong range includes cookies (chocolate chip, coconut, chocolate striped peanut, and hazelnut); chocolate bars; gluten-free chocolate wafers; and jams.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Eurostar Commodities (stand 8065) is showcasing its new KINTARO range of gluten free, vegan and dairy free pop rice snacks; made by combining popped rice with all natural fruits and nuts.  This bite size snacking range is available in four flavours: Blueberry & Cranberry, Strawberry & Goji berry, Nut Attack, Banana & Chocolate.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Conscious Chocolates’ award winning, organic, free-from, handmade chocolate bars are now available in colourful new packaging (stand 8080L in the Vegan Society Pavilion).  New lines include the Cheeky Cherry bar (agave soaked organic cherries with an indulgent liqueur-like quality) and The Dark Side 85%.  (UK)

Creative Nature Superfoods (stand 8080E in the Vegan Society Pavilion) is sampling its new range of 38g cold-pressed, super food snack bars.  There are four unique flavours to try, including Blissful Berry, Heavenly Cacao, Sublime Seed, and Tropical Treat; all made with 100% natural ingredients and no additives.  (UK)

Chimpanzee Bars (stand 8080J in the Vegan Society Pavilion) is introducing its new Quick Mix Shake – a before activity nutritious shake that contains 22% of beta-glucans.  It can also be eaten as porridge, hot or cold, with water, milk or yoghurt.  (Czech Republic)

Cocofina (stand 9025) is launching its new organic Coconut & Date Bar.  100% vegan, it is made with no added sugar or artificial ingredients.  (UK)

Award winning LoveRaw/OrganicSuperBlends (stand 9031) is the new organic food company taking the snack market by storm.  Made using only premium superfoods, such as raw Ecuadorian cacao, chia, rosehip and spirulina, the emphasis is on quality and nutrition (and not date based), which sets them apart from other bars.  (New exhibitor, UK)

The Foods of Athenry (stand 9098) is launching its new gluten and wheat free baked bitesizes.  Packed in convenient, re-sealable doypacks, the range includes pure oat mini flapjacks and Cookie Shots – mini vanilla or chocolate cookies, which contain 18 calories per vegan friendly ‘shot’.  (New exhibitor, Ireland)


To view the show’s full exhibitor list, visit

Natural & Organic Products Europe takes place on 13-14 April 2014 at Olympia London, and includes four show sections:  Natural Living, Health & Nutrition, Natural Beauty & Spa and The Natural Food Show.  Entry includes access to Keynote sessions, Natural Beauty & Spa seminars and live Natural Kitchen demonstrations.

For more information, please visit  To register for a free trade pass to The Natural Food Show, please visit

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