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Belcolade launches Vietnam 73 New Origins chocolate with a unique and differentiating taste

Belcolade launches Vietnam 73 New Origins chocolate with a unique and differentiating taste

October 03
13:55 2014

Gcocoaroot-Bijgaarden – Vietnam 73 is the new Origins chocolate by Belcolade, the Real Belgian Chocolate from Puratos. This 73% dark chocolate has a pronounced acid cocoa taste, accompanied by hints of citrus, wood and tobacco. As the first result of Puratos’ Cacao-Trace programme, Vietnam 73 is a sustainable chocolate.

Belcolade Origins chocolate

Belcolade, real Belgian chocolate of the highest quality, welcomes Vietnam 73 to its Origins range. Belcolade Origins is an exclusive product range of 10 single origin chocolates, made out of cocoa beans from three different continents. Superior in taste, each Origins chocolate has a characteristic bouquet of flavours. They are produced using carefully selected cocoa beans, which reflect the differences of the regions where they are grown. The distinctive flavours of all Origins chocolates are analysed and identified by ‘Les Arômes de Cyrano’, a scientific and sensory analysis tool developed by Belcolade. Thanks to their unique and splendid aromas, they continue to inspire patissiers, chocolatiers and bakers all around the world to make innovative tasting applications.

Vietnam 73

The latest addition to the Belcolade Origins gamma is Vietnam 73, a dark 73% chocolate with a unique and differentiating flavour. Different from the other 9 Origins chocolates, it has a strong acid cocoa taste, enriched with citrus, wood and tobacco notes. Vietnam 73 is produced from Trinitario cocoa beans that originate from the Mekong Delta or ‘Little Venice’, the main cocoa-producing region in Vietnam. To ensure superior quality and taste, Puratos opened a Cocoa Collection and Fermentation Plant (CCFP) in Vietnam in November 2013. In this centre, the post-harvest activities are taken care of. On top of its excellent taste, Vietnam 73 is also the first chocolate made out of cocoa beans from Puratos’ Cacao-Trace programme.


Cacao-Trace is a unique sustainability programme by Puratos that aims to secure cocoa production on a long-term basis. The key elements of the programme, which was first launched in Vietnam, are traceability, better return to farmers and improved productivity and quality. Traceability is guaranteed by an internal control system to trace the flow of cocoa beans. By training the farmers in the Cocoa Development Centre, productivity and quality are improved. Furthermore, farmers get a higher income, because they deliver premium quality cocoa beans. In addition, an external certification company assesses annually the progress and impact of the programme.

The Cacao-Trace programme, and thus the use of Belcolade Origins Vietnam 73, supports sustainable cocoa-production and provides an added value to everyone in the cocoa supply chain. On the one hand, farmers receive higher prices and agricultural trainings. On the other hand, consumers can enjoy high-quality Origins chocolate with unique flavours.

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