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Calor Begins a New Era of Energy in Ireland

Calor Begins a New Era of Energy in Ireland

Calor Begins a New Era of Energy in Ireland
April 24
09:31 2018

Calor Gas, Ireland’s longest established supplier of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), has launched Ireland’s first certified renewable LPG for homes and businesses. Calor BioLPG will be available throughout Ireland and will allow customers to switch to a green clean renewable alternative. Calor BioLPG is certified at EU level, as offering up to 90% lower emissions than existing LPG products. Calor are aiming that 10% of all their gas sold in Ireland will be renewable within the next three years.

Calor, who have been in business in Ireland for over 80 years, are among the first companies in the world to deliver BioLPG.  Ireland is one of the first markets in Europe (with Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Germany and Scandanavia) to have BioLPG. As Calor is available away from the natural gas network, it is potentially available to every home or business.

BioLPG is virtually identical to the LPG products that people are used to using every day. Unlike conventional LPG, which is a by-product of oil and gas exploration. BioLPG is made from recycled materials, including recycled waste and residue materials and sustainably-sourced renewable vegetable oils.

Because BioLPG is virtually the same as conventional LPG, it works seamlessly with existing gas appliances and equipment. This means that domestic and industrial customers can move to using renewable energy without any hassle or major expenditure. Existing LPG boilers, dryers and other machinery will operate just as they always have, but will now be even better for the environment.

A recent survey undertaken by Behaviour & Attitudes showed that 85% of businesses in the Republic of Ireland were open to switching to renewable energy.  Increasingly, businesses are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. This is not only environmentally smart, it can help businesses avoid carbon taxes.  With more and more business customers now looking to the sustainability of their supply chains, BioLPG can help companies target new business.

Not only is BioLPG good for business, it is good for Ireland too.  Our country is on course to miss our EU targets for Renewable Heat use for 2020.  BioLPG from Calor Gas will not only help Ireland reach our renewable targets, it will also help reduce our emissions.  Ireland faces heavy fines for missing both renewables and emissions targets.  BioLPG can make a big difference.  If 500,000 homes switched from using inefficient oil fired central heating systems to using BioLPG, it would save 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum– that’s the equivalent of taking 1.25 million cars off the road.

Speaking at the launch of Calor BioLPG, CEO Gino Vansteenhuyse (pictured) commented: “People’s expectations of energy are changing and Calor is evolving and innovating to lead those expectations to even more exciting places. For the first time, businesses and homes all over Ireland will be able to choose a renewable gas. They will be able to make a cleaner, more sustainable choice. By helping thousands of customers to make a small change, we can make a big change for Ireland and for the environment.”

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