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Comtrade Digital Services Launches AI Pop-Up Labs Service in Ireland

Comtrade Digital Services Launches AI Pop-Up Labs Service in Ireland

Comtrade Digital Services Launches AI Pop-Up Labs Service in Ireland
May 08
10:37 2019

Comtrade Digital Services, the leading provider of software engineering services and solutions, has launched its AI Pop-Up Labs in Ireland. The service will show Irish businesses how to leverage and implement Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Drawing on the expertise and experience of the wider AI Collective – a global hub of thought leaders and more than 100 data scientists in the area of AI and agile transformation – this unique service will develop AI concepts that can enable companies to bring products/services to market faster, automate business processes and reduce operational costs.

Having already engaged with clients in the US, Comtrade Digital Services predicts that the service will generate €1.5 million in revenue in the first year in Ireland, with demand expected across a wide variety of industries including finance, travel and manufacturing.

The new AI Pop-Up Labs service, which involves a four-week process, is designed to both educate Irish organisations about AI and develop actionable next steps for implementation, revolutionising the way Irish companies do business.

It will show organisations how to implement AI in a way that not only allows them to bring products and services to market faster but also streamlines their processes and facilitates a better customer experience. In turn, this will enable them to stand out from their competitors and grow.

As well as workshops, the Comtrade Digital Services team will conduct an AI maturity assessment for clients, including a week-long, on-site placement. During this process, the team will identify the digital capabilities of and opportunities for the organisation. At the end of the engagement, companies will have potential proofs of concept for relevant AI applications and implementation.

Žarko Kostić, Business Development Manager, Comtrade Digital Services, said: “The goal of our AI Pop-Up Labs is to make the world of algorithms and AI as transparent and accessible as possible, so that Irish businesses can leverage the knowledge to make smarter business decisions and innovate faster. By working closely with organisations, we can help to implement strategies that permeate throughout the whole organisation – not just with the CIO or senior team.

“Having been in business for over 25 years, we have witnessed the rapid growth of AI and machine learning in recent times. A good example is the development of visual AI – with computers catching up to the human eye and able to not only recognise but contextualise objects, the opportunities and benefits are vast.”

Dejan Ćušić (pictured), Business Director for Ireland and the UK, Comtrade Digital Services, added: “Agile development is hugely important for businesses nowadays and this is a fantastic opportunity for Irish companies to both learn about and engage with AI. Without a doubt, it will touch every business process within an enterprise and the next three or four years are crucial.

“The gap is widening between businesses which have adopted everyday AI and those which have not. Companies across all industries have been collecting huge amounts of data for years, however it will only be the organisations adopting AI now that will rise above their competitors and prepare themselves for the future.”

For more information about the AI Pop-Up Labs, download the brochure here.

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