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Deliveroo Boosts Irish Restaurant Sector to the Tune of €15 Million

Deliveroo Boosts Irish Restaurant Sector to the Tune of €15 Million

Deliveroo Boosts Irish Restaurant Sector to the Tune of €15 Million
December 11
15:03 2017

New figures show the extent to which Deliveroo is benefiting the Irish restaurant sector. An exclusive new report, ‘Delivering to the Global Economy’produced by Capital Economics, shows that the additional revenue generated across the restaurant sector in Ireland due to Deliveroo’s operations was €15 million. This is a combination of increased revenue for partner restaurants due to increased sales through the Deliveroo app and an increase in spending by partner restaurants on suppliers, based on survey data and a Capital Economics analysis.

Deliveroo partners with 430 restaurants in Ireland, connecting them with a wealth of potential new customers while enabling them to innovate beyond their bricks and mortar business without need for complex logistics management. This increased revenue enables restaurants to hire more people; provide more work to existing staff; sustain the cost of having expensive high street premises; and in many cases expand into additional premises. The same analysis shows that 170 jobs have been created across the Irish restaurant sector due to Deliveroo.

This is in addition to the employed staff of Deliveroo and the work created for more than 400 riders in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway.

Despite an overall decline in physical retail and service outlets on the high street, the food service industry is going from strength-to-strength in Ireland, with the value of the sector predicted to increase to €9 billion by 2020. This is thanks in no small part to the benefits Deliveroo offers the restaurant industry.

Deliveroo is attracting significant investment and growing rapidly, which will mean its impact on Ireland’s economy is set to grow. If Deliveroo continues to grow in Ireland at the same rate as the increase in the number of partner restaurants globally over the past twelve months for the next two years, it will support around 3,000 jobs, £40 million in gross value added and £3 million in tax revenues.

Liam Cox, Regional Manager for Deliveroo Ireland said: “Since we launched in the Irish market, Deliveroo has experienced continued year-on-year growth. Over the last twelve months alone, orders through the platform have increased by 84% in Dublin and 130% in Cork. What’s more, with rapid growth comes the creation of even more work opportunities – in the 4 months since the report was commissioned the number of riders we work with has more than doubled to over 1,000 across the country, which provides a sense of the scale at which we’re growing.

“What’s extremely positive to see is the economic benefit seen by our restaurant partners, both in terms of additional revenue but also job creation. Restaurants have reported growth in revenue of up to 30% as a result of working with us. And again, since July of this year, we have added a further 66 restaurants to the platform.”

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