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Equinix’s Brenden Rawle announced as Director of Interconnection across EMEA

Equinix’s Brenden Rawle announced as Director of Interconnection across EMEA

April 11
09:55 2018

Equinix’s Brenden Rawle announced as Director of Interconnection across EMEA

Appointment will drive the adoption of interconnection across EMEA as businesses look to digitally transform

9th April, 2018 — Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the global interconnection and data centre company, today announced it has appointed Brenden Rawle as Director of Interconnection, EMEA. Previously Senior Principal Solution Architect at Equinix EMEA, Rawle will lead Equinix’s newly formed EMEA Interconnection Team, as they support the successful launch of Equinix’s Internet Exchanges across 11 new markets, including Ireland.


The new team has been set up in response to the global explosion of data, and resulting need for interconnection – the direct and secure exchange of data between businesses. According to the Global Interconnection Index, a report that analyses and forecasts Interconnection Bandwidth, EMEA’s capacity – measured in Terabits per second (Tbps) – is expected to quadruple in size from 473 Tbps in 2017 to 1451 Tbps by 2020. Businesses will rely more and more on data transfers and business transactions that take place between servers at distributed IT exchange points, offering huge performance and security advantages over the public internet.


Equinix launched its Internet Exchange in Ireland in March, allowing businesses which heavily rely on the exchange of internet traffic, to easily and effectively exchange traffic and expand operations globally.


Maurice Mortell, managing director Ireland and emerging markets, Equinix, said: “Equinix is continuing to play a leading role in helping Irish businesses to interconnect and expand their operations globally. Brenden’s appointment as director of interconnection for EMEA highlights Equinix’s commitment to enabling customers to leverage private connections and embrace digital transformation. Doing this, for example by leveraging Equinix Internet Exchange in Ireland, is essential to maintaining a competitive advantage in the Interconnected Era.”


Rawle has held various roles within leading tech firms, including at Juniper Networks and Cable & Wireless, where he worked as the lead consultant on various network transformation projects across EMEA. Throughout his career, Rawle has managed multiple engineering teams and covered operations, network design and architecture, with numerous large-scale network service providers.


Michael Winterson, managing director, Equinix Services, said: “I am delighted that Brenden Rawle is stepping in to this new role as director of interconnection EMEA. Brenden has been with Equinix for almost three years and made significant contributions to the company, highlighting his readiness to excel in this role. In his new position, Brenden will be leading a strong team with an impressive breadth and depth of experience, contacts and knowledge of interconnection. Together with Brenden, this team will be responsible for raising awareness of the vital role interconnection plays in underpinning business as companies continue to rearchitect their IT for the future.”


Brenden Rawle, director, interconnection, Equinix, said: “I am excited to be heading up the new EMEA Interconnections Solutions team, particularly now as interconnection is at the centre of today’s successful businesses. With the global explosion of data, companies have come to rely more and more on data transfers and business transactions that take place between servers at distributed IT exchange points. The right interconnection strategy can help make even the boldest business ambitions a reality, and that’s exactly what I’ll be helping our customers to focus on.”



Highlights / Key Facts


  • Interconnection is at the centre of today’s key macro trends, including digital trade, urbanisation and cybersecurity.
  • Rawle will lead Equinix’s EMEA Interconnections Solutions team, advising businesses on how to re-architect their IT infrastructure to meet the needs of consumers in this digital economy.
  • As companies increasingly shift to digital business models, interconnection with key business partners and customers is becoming an important element of their digital supply chain. As such, the Equinix Cloud Exchange has recently evolved from a platform for cloud connectivity to a multi-purpose interconnection exchange that further simplifies the way in which companies implement interconnection across customers, partners and suppliers on the renamed Equinix Cloud Exchange™ Fabric (ECX Fabric).
  • By utilising ECX Fabric and Equinix’s Internet Exchanges across 11 new markets, and three existing European markets – Warsaw, Paris and Zurich – businesses can customise their connectivity to partners, customers and suppliers, unlocking global value, simplicity and consistency.

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