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Experis Ireland launches ‘No Craic Like Home’ campaign to entice expats to return home to take up skilled roles

Experis Ireland launches ‘No Craic Like Home’ campaign to entice expats to return home to take up skilled roles

June 08
11:48 2016

downloadExperis Ireland, which specialises in IT, Engineering and Science recruitment, has launched a new campaign aimed at enticing Irish expats to come back to Ireland to take up roles in the IT, Engineering and Science sectors. Entitled “No Craic Like Home”, the campaign is highlighting the economic recovery in Ireland and that it is the perfect time for expats to return.

To facilitate the campaign, Experis Ireland has teamed up with Borderless Talent, a community hub for global job seekers, to reach out to expats living overseas – predominantly in Australia and New Zealand.

In recent months, Experis Ireland has seen a significantly increased demand for a wide range of IT roles across the country, particularly in Dublin, Kildare and Galway. There has also been an upsurge in the requirement for professionals in the Life Sciences sector, particularly from pharmaceutical and medical devices companies across Muster and other regional locations.

Nationwide, roles which are particularly in demand are Security Architect, Validation Engineers and Java Developers.

As a result, Experis Ireland devised the “No Craic Like Home” campaign to communicate to Irish people living abroad that more roles in IT, Engineering and Science are now available in Ireland and, given the bounce in the Irish economy, that it’s a good time to think about coming home.

Experis are running a series of webinars where Andrew Crawford, Head of Experis Ireland, is linking up with those interested in returning home and discuss the opportunities available and the rapidly improving lifestyle back home.

Andrew Crawford, Head of Experis Ireland, says:

This ‘No Craic Like Home’ campaign has huge potential. With our long standing in the Irish market and Borderless Talent’s global reach we believe the campaign will be an incredible long-term success.

With the recent increase in investment and jobs comes the need for skilled workers, Experis Ireland and Borderless Talent saw an opportunity and as a result, the campaign “No Craic Like Home’ was born.

We know that many Irish abroad would like to come home, but the state of the economy in the past meant it was better for them financially and professionally to stay away. However, this has changed and now there are significant opportunities here for career advancement and financial gain.

The Irish economy has recovered from the recession, and the unemployment rate has dropped from 15% in 2012 to 8.4% now, the lowest since November 2008. The Irish Government’s Action Plan for Jobs, which this year aims to add 50,000 jobs to the market and 200,000 jobs by 2020, is also helping to attract international firms, with low taxes and skilled workers.

Companies are willing to pay to get the talent they need and invest in their development. Candidates returning to Ireland with good international experience will be well placed to secure a role of their choice in the IT, Engineering and Science sectors.”

If you or someone you know would be interested in returning home to Ireland, you can join the upcoming webinar by clicking on the link below:

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