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Guinness to open new experimental brewery to the public

Guinness to open new experimental brewery to the public

Guinness to open new experimental brewery to the public
November 19
09:49 2015

Guinness is launching an experimental brewery in Dublin today at The Open Gate Brewery, St. James’s Gate. The brewery will be located just beside the main entrance and will be open to the public.

Beer enthusiasts will get the chance to try beers that are not yet on the market or beers that may never be launched.

The experimental brewery has been open to brewers to explore new recipes and bring new ones to life for over a 100 years. Now, after over a century of the company keeping the workings of its experimental brewery behind closed doors they are now opening the gates to the public.

Speaking at the launch Guinness brewer Peter Simpson said, “There is huge interest in beer nowadays so it’s exciting to open the doors to the public, give people a look inside our world, and of course share some batches of experimental beers that we are working on”.

The usual draught Guinness will be available at the brewery, as well as Hop House 13 Lager, Dublin Porter, West Indies Porter, and a range of small batch experimental beers.

Diageo’s global head of beer Mark Sands said, that the decision was taken to open the experimental brewery to the public to get feedback from customers at an early stage about new beers.

Visitors will get a chance to sample the beers and speak with the brewers about the origins of each.



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