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Lynk Increases its Number of Hybrid Electric Taxis to 250 Vehicles

Lynk Increases its Number of Hybrid Electric Taxis to 250 Vehicles

Lynk Increases its Number of Hybrid Electric Taxis to 250 Vehicles
July 04
09:50 2019

Lynk, Dublin’s taxi booking app, has increased its fleet of hybrid electric vehicles to 250, as it continues to reduce its carbon emission levels. Lynk now possesses one of the largest hybrid taxi fleets in Ireland, and expects hybrid vehicles to comprise over 20% of its total fleet by September.

The increase in hybrid vehicle numbers comes as the Government aims to accelerate Ireland’s take-up of EV cars and vans and achieve a target of 950,000 EVs on the road by 2030, including both Battery Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrids.

Lynk currently has a fleet of 1,500 professional drivers city-wide and has delivered over 2.5 million trips and counting. The growing availability of charge points at shopping centres, hospitals, parks and garages around the city is encouraging more taxi drivers to make a change in the type of vehicles they purchase, and Lynk intends that its driver app will facilitate this by mapping out EV charge points throughout the city.

However, more must be done to encourage private partnerships with local authorities in order to ensure the development of sufficient EV infrastructure throughout Dublin.

Noel Ebbs (pictured), CEO of Lynk, says: “The businesses that use our services are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact and are actively seeking greener modes of transport. Hybrid vehicles save on fuel, have lower emissions and result in better air quality for us all. In this trade there was previously a greater focus on large diesel cars, but over the past year drivers are instead choosing lower-emission or hybrid vehicles. We’re doing all we can to assist drivers looking to make the transition to hybrid or entirely electric vehicles, but greater co-operation between businesses and local authorities across Dublin will be essential if more EV infrastructure and charging points are to be rolled out.”

Lynk was launched in February 2015 by Noel Ebbs, a taxi tech entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in taxi technology. Developed specifically for the Irish market, Lynk provides a quality, safe and efficient service. Lynk is based in Newmarket, Dublin and provides 75 Irish jobs.

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