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Novi Helps Mater Hospital to Reduce Carbon Footprint With Cloud Solution

Novi Helps Mater Hospital to Reduce Carbon Footprint With Cloud Solution

Novi Helps Mater Hospital to Reduce Carbon Footprint With Cloud Solution
September 24
09:00 2019

Novi, the secure IT and cloud service provider, has implemented a flexible cloud solution for the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital in Dublin to enable the secure management of the hospital’s green energy infrastructure project. All aspects of the project will be managed through Novi OneCloud – Ireland’s first integrated cloud service.

The Mater Hospital, which treats over 360,000 patients per year, is undertaking a complete retrofit of its infrastructure, to adopt a secure, sustainable and cost efficient energy supply. Novi OneCloud will be used to coordinate all elements of the project, including the installation of new low energy lighting, the replacement of windows and doors throughout the hospital, and the implementation of upgraded air conditioning and heating systems.

The green project will deliver a wide range of energy efficiencies which will reduce the hospital’s carbon footprint by 81,000 tonnes, cut imported electricity from the national grid by 77%, and deliver €26 million in guaranteed energy and operational savings.

To manage the design, delivery, installation, commissioning and operation of the project, Novi implemented Novi OneCloud for Mater Hospital – a managed cloud service which combines the best features from multiple cloud providers. Novi OneCloud provides a secure platform to enable collaboration between all parties involved in the project – from the project manager and hospital staff, to the lead contractor and various subcontractors including electricians, window fitters and carpenters.

The cloud platform runs separately from the Mater Hospital’s existing IT network, avoiding additional stress being placed on its systems. It also ensures that the hospital’s network, which contains sensitive patient data, isn’t compromised by granting third-party access.

As the platform is cloud-based, no expensive capital investment was required by the hospital. Its quick and easy implementation reduced the time taken to initiate the project by 60%. Instead of communicating and operating through email and unsecure free file sharing sites, all parties involved in the project use the centralised OneCloud platform. This streamlined access greatly enhances team productivity, leading to a faster turnaround of project deliverables.

The platform is available across all devices – including laptops, tablets and smartphones – enabling contractors to remotely update tasks and activities from on- or offsite. Team members can also use the platform without an internet connection and the project portal will automatically synchronise and update once they are back online.

Security and data control are important considerations for the Mater Hospital, and Novi integrated several layers of security features, such as two-factor-authentication and file encryption, to ensure minimal risk. The solution also helps the Mater Hospital adhere to GDPR compliance, with complete control over who has access to specific data and for how long, as well as having the reassurance that all data is stored in Ireland.

Alan Sharp, Strategic Director of Estates and Facilities, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, said: “Given its magnitude and scale, a huge body of people from a wide variety of disciplines are involved in this energy infrastructure project. We required a solution capable of quickly mobilising our distributed team without any complications. Novi OneCloud has enabled us to do exactly that without any investment in hardware. It will be a huge help to us in achieving our environmental targets.”

Michael Connolly (pictured right), ICT Lead, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, said: “Novi supports and manages the entire solution, allowing us to devote our focus to the project without technology getting in the way. Security is obviously a big concern for the Mater Hospital, and the extensive data control and multi-layered security features of Novi OneCloud has granted our team great peace of mind. Novi’s platform really ticked every box for us and it will have an invaluable benefit in terms of delivering the project both on time and according to plan.”

George O’Dowd (pictured left), Managing Director, Novi, said: “The Mater Hospital’s move to a greener energy infrastructure is a win-win for everyone involved. The hospital will enjoy significant cost-savings while greatly reducing its carbon footprint. We’re delighted that the Mater chose Novi OneCloud to use modern flexible technology to enable further efficiencies. The cloud platform is perfectly suited to their needs and will create further valuable savings which can be directed to patient care.”

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