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Siemens ‘Partner 2020’ plan aims to lift Irish manufacturing to new heights

Siemens ‘Partner 2020’ plan aims to lift Irish manufacturing to new heights

October 01
12:56 2015

downloadsiemens Siemens is launching its ambitious Partner 2020 programme. The bold strategy is set to inject a fresh focus on supplying technology and guidance to make Ireland a global manufacturing powerhouse, helping to drive productivity and reduce costs by up to 30%.

The ‘Partner 2020’ strategy, spearheaded by Andrew Reeks, is designed to rapidly change the technology landscape by leveraging Siemens’ partner network in Ireland. By increasing the speed and scope of technology deployment, Siemens plans to help SMEs and manufacturers invest in technology specifically designed to increase output, reduce costs and accelerate the growth of manufacturing in Ireland.

Irish manufacturing growth is at its highest for 16 month, but only 48% of Ireland’s manufacturing sector is automating business functions, 7% less than the 55% global average. Siemens’ five-year plan will involve strategies to deploy specialist knowledge, insight and guidance on top of enhanced access to technologies that can improve growth for manufacturers.

Siemens will launch a significant learning programme across its partner network – to help educate Irish manufacturers about the need to invest in technology quickly so that they can keep up with global competition. The organisation will also be working with partners to increase the number of apprentices across the network to embed long-term productivity savings for manufacturers.

Andrew Reeks, UK and Ireland Partner Strategy Manager at Siemens states, “We have made a bold decision with our new strategy. We are saying Ireland needs to significantly invest in technology to play its part in the global automation race. We are announcing radical plans to leverage our partner network there to increase the supply of productivity-enhancing technology across Ireland.”

“Manufacturers are weighing up the costs of investing in labour or technology and, with the latter proving the more cost-effective approach, it is increasingly becoming the de facto choice for these businesses.”

“We believe we can increase manufacturing productivity and reduce costs in factories by up to 30%. We have already achieved this with our Totally Integrated Automation offering – our task is to deploy this approach further with a range of technologies, specialist knowledge and guidance to help boost productivity.”

Siemens’ partner programme is a vital part of its Irish supply chain, having served industry for more than 35 years. The network has a wide geographical spread, supporting local-to-national manufacturing and engineering companies. With industry considered to be a driver for innovation and growth, firms are demanding high-quality products that can help to achieve a greater level of productivity.

“In order to maintain growth amongst an increasingly complex landscape, it is vital the next generation of engineering and technology resource is engaged now. Time is running out,” adds Andrew Reeks. “That way, as highly experienced personnel leave the industry, partners and other industry players will benefit from an influx of highly educated new talent that has the knowledge and understanding to work to the high standards the marketplace requires.”


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