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Stern-Wywiol Gruppe: New ingredients for inexpensive implementation of attractive product ideas

Stern-Wywiol Gruppe: New ingredients for inexpensive implementation of attractive product ideas

October 03
14:55 2014


Hamburg, October 2014 – At Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai from 9-11 November, six companies from the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe will present innovative new products from their range. On their joint stand S3-F6 the sister companies Hydrosol, Mühlenchemie, DeutscheBack, SternEnzym, SternVitamin and OlbrichtArom will be highlighting functional ingredients that enhance the quality of the end products while reducing the production costs.


Hydrosol: new stabilizing systems for top-selling dairy products

Hydrosol, a leading supplier of stabilizing systems, will be showing new functional systems for fast-selling dairy products at the exhibition. They include tailor-made combinations of ingredients for processed cheese preparations and reconstituted alternatives to soft curd cheese, processed cheese or mozzarella. Stabilizing systems enable the end products to be made simply and cost-effectively while ensuring pleasant flavour and consistency and good processing properties.

Further novel products are all-in compounds for flavoured milk drinks. Besides hydrocolloids and emulsifiers the compounds contain flavourings. They are available in several different flavours – from vanilla and cocoa through banana, mango and orange to nutty and spicy notes like almond or cardamom. The compounds permit simple and safe production. Hydrosol also offers successful, industrially tested stabilizing systems for making Greek yoghurt or labneh.

In the field of stabilizing systems for poultry products, Hydrosol concentrates mainly on solutions for reducing the production costs of sausages made from poultry meat. Besides reducing the proportion of meat without loss of quality, these include the development of customized recipes which permit the co-extrusion of an edible skin based on alginate. Hydrosol also offers solutions meeting the special requirements of halal products – for example compounds for emulsifying vegetable oils in scalded sausage and the production of bacon analogues that can be chopped or diced.


Mühlenchemie improves pasta production

SWG_Hydrosol_cheeseWith its Pastazym series Mühlenchemie, one of the internationally leading companies in the field of flour treatment and flour improvement, offers a wide range of products that can be used for noodles made from either hard or soft wheat or mixtures of the two flours. By using these flour improvers, which are specially adjusted to each other, pasta and noodle manufacturers can optimize their processes as required. This enables them to switch to cheaper types of wheat and thus greatly reduce their raw material costs. Pastazym enhances the appearance of the noodles, improves their cooking tolerance and bite, increases the mechanical stability of the dried products and shortens drying times in the production process.


SternEnzym: innovations for the sugar industry, bakeries and dairies

SternEnzym’s core competence lies in the customized development, production and sale of enzymes and enzyme systems. New products include Sugazym: these innovative processing aids were developed specifically for the production of refined and raw sugar from sugar beet and cane. With dextranase and amylase, Sugazym simplifies the processing of raw materials containing starch and dextrans, increases the yield and optimizes the quality of the crystalline sugar. Improved juice clarification and the longer useful life of the filters enable manufacturers to reduce their production costs significantly.

A further new product is Sternzym Fresh, an enzyme compound that prolongs the freshness of the crumb of wrapped loaves by up to 15 days. This reduces the return of goods that have gone stale, lengthens the service intervals for the shelves and delays staling of the baked goods after purchase by the consumer. To prolong the shelf-life of bakery products containing a large proportion of fat and sugar, the new enzyme generation Sternzym Fresh Cake has been developed. The enzyme systems ensure that the crumb of wrapped cake, cup cakes and the like stays soft for a long time. The enhanced, soft mouth feel results in a longer impression of freshness and greater acceptance on the part of consumers.

Manufacturers of yoghurt and quark can replace expensive milk proteins by using Dairyzym PT 100 LAC. The substitution results in a similar or superior texture of the end products and increases the yield, making it possible to save on raw materials and cut costs.


DeutscheBack: new concentrates and premixes – simple, safe and functional

In the field of pastry goods DeutscheBack, the specialist in bakery premixes, baking ingredients and convenience products, will be focussing on products that are as concentrated as possible. The reason is that many customers prefer to use their own raw materials like flour, sugar, fat and oil for reasons of cost and rely on premixes for the functional or hygienically demanding products like starch or egg. With TopSweet Muffin Mix, TopSweet Sponge and TopSweet Poundcake, DeutscheBack offers premixes that are easy to handle while ensuring consistently high quality of the end products – even when local raw materials are used. At usage levels of 10 to 25%, the premixes contain functional starches, emulsifier systems and also dried egg if required. The motto being: “less is more”.


SternVitamin: new, innovative concepts for lifestyle products

Tailor-made micronutrient Cupcake, coffee and autumn leavespremixes designed to customers’ individual specifications are SternVitamin’s core business. “Brainpower”, “Mind-Calming” and “Beauty” are the keywords under which the nutrient specialist has developed innovative lifestyle drinks. The vitamin and mineral premixes take up current trends and support a modern, creative lifestyle. Besides selected B vitamins and vitamin C, the “Mind-Calming” drink premix contains plant extracts from elder and balm. The polyphenols and anthocyans contained in elder help to relieve stress and promote mental and emotional wellbeing. The “Brainpower” premix aids concentration and memory with a balanced combination of vitamins, minerals and green tea extract. Specially for beauty sweets, SternVitamin has created a premix with antioxidant ingredients and “beauty” vitamins that have an anti-aging effect.


OlbrichtArom: a diversity of flavours for a wide range of products

OlbrichtArom looks back on over 140 years of experience in the production of flavourings and essences. In close cooperation with its customers the company composes new realms of flavour for baked goods, sweets and dairy products. At Gulfood the experts will be presenting various different natural vanilla notes and lemon and orange peel pastes, which are among the company’s specialities. The citrus peel pastes have a multitude of applications and are valued for their unique flavour with natural citrus oils, fresh fruit pieces and a minimum fruit content of 33 percent. The combination of fruit and flavourings in a compound gives the end products a long-lasting, fresh taste of pure fruit. The pastes are bake-stable and suitable for freezing. Another focus of OlbrichtArom’s work is flavour shots for café specialities. These ensure a wider choice in the coffee business and additional sales.

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