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Talent Garden Opens Digital Innovation School

Talent Garden Opens Digital Innovation School

Talent Garden Opens Digital Innovation School
November 07
15:16 2018

Talent Garden, Europe’s largest digital innovation and co-working hub operator, has opened its Dublin Innovation School with details of two significant Masterclass events taking place this month. The company’s highly regarded digital skills boot camp model has a proven track record in up-skilling entrepreneurs and assisting corporates on their digital transformation journeys across Europe. The innovative educational institute offers courses in the fields of digital technologies and innovation, with a focus on coding, AI, data analysis, growth hacking, blockchain, design, digital marketing and business.

The industry-led training has been developed by the Talent Garden faculty and subject area specialists from the world of Technology, Business, Emerging Media, Education, Design, HR, Psychology, Philosophy, Creative Arts and many other related areas. By putting people at the centre through a cutting-edge training methodology, it creates new cultures, puts new skills into businesses. According to Ruth Kearney, Director of the Dublin Innovation School: “The future of work is changing. We are set to experience more tech innovation in the next 24 months than in the last 10 years and organisations need to jump on board with this and the major advancements in digital innovation. Our focus is to deliver interactive lectures and practical workshops that are grounded in theory but focused on real-world application. Put simply, we are in the business of developing great ‘digital talent’ and bringing about a digital cultural mindset within organisations.”

Courses are underpinned by digital innovation themes in everything from AI in Business, Design Thinking for Change, Beautiful Data, Robotics, Emerging Media Storytelling or The Hunter/Gatherer which focuses on Sales. They are designed to be short-term accelerated learning 1 day and 2 day masterclasses and longer term 24 week Digital Bootcamps. Autumn programmes are now available to book online

Executive MINDSET: 23rd November

Most suitable for CEOs and senior managers, this one day Masterclass takes you on a journey of understanding your own entrepreneurial and leadership mindset. This course is built on the premise that human behaviour is driven by passion. However, our ability to absorb and utilise information is limited as our Mindset filters knowledge based on our education, culture, experience and skills. Outputs will include:

·         Develop the traits of an entrepreneurial manager

·         Develop a more authentic leadership mindset in order to lead in challenging times

·         Explore the evolution of high-performance teams and team profiles in order to drive more   positive interactions

·         Understand the power of storytelling and why it’s increasingly seen as a key leadership skill.

This is an immersive deep-dive into the theory and practice of developing a more authentic leadership mindset, entrepreneurial traits of great managers, motivating high-performance teams and having greater impact through communication.  Through understanding and learning about how we lead, our style and philosophy, we can help change and implement our company’s strategy, the behaviour of colleagues and teams. It costs €750 and includes light lunch, snacks and refreshments throughout the course.

Corporate, student and Talent Garden member discounts are available. Course lecturers include:

·         Neil O’Brien, is a hugely popular motivational speaker on the subjects of Mindset and Mental Fitness. He loves to take the audience out of their comfort zone and into their growth zone. Neil equips attendees with tools for a growth mindset and has built a stellar reputation for helping business leaders and their teams through transformation by teaching them to embrace the small steps that lead to big changes.

·         With a background in psychology, Prof MaryRose Greville has a particular interest in leadership in changing and ambiguous situations and in building high-performing teams. She has worked with global organisations including the World Bank and UNESCO and taught Leadership and Organisational Behaviour in the IMD in Switzerland and TCD.

·         Steve Rawling is a business coach and international author, specialising in storytelling and creative thinking. As a former BBC TV journalist, Steve reckons he has told around 20,000 stories in his career and so can probably help you tell yours.

·         Dr. Barry McMahon is an award winning inventor and innovator in the medical device space. He is the co-inventor of the EndoFLIP(tm) technology, successfully licensed to Crospon who recently sold to global giants Medtronic.

Data Science in Practice Informing Real Business 29 & 30 November 2018

Suitable for IT professionals, business and data analysts, scientists, and software engineers. Data science is crucial to modern business and mistakes in the field can be incredibly costly. While the fundamentals of deep learning are covered, participants benefit from practical industry-led workshops that cover the most popular technologies and platforms (R, Power BI) for data science and their application. Most importantly, gain valuable industry insights into how to gain competitive advantage from data.  This two day Masterclass costs €1,250 and covers specialist areas that otherwise would be hard to discover on the web including new theory behind deep learning and why it’s so effective and a demo on the newest data visualization and predictive analysis tools. It includes workshop data explorations using R, the tidyverse and covers the latest Power BI innovations from Microsoft. These are hands-on data science workshops designed to develop new technical skills and knowledge to align data analytics functions with core business objectives. This comprehensive course helps professionals to deliver in environments that increasingly expect real-time data and real-time deployments. It has partnered on this course with the Irish Centre for High-End Computing, a national body devoted to high-end computing. Industry experts include:

  • Data Scientist Dr Finn McLeod whose technology is used by Formula 1 and Reuters.  
  • Steph Locke, data science consultant who is one of only 58 people recognised with Microsoft’s AI Most Valued Professional
  • Mick Cooney, Co-Founder & CTO of Describe Data will explore how to systematically investigate a dataset, decide what to do with missing data, check data encodings and how to deal with high-cardinality categorical data.

The faculty of Talent Garden’s Dublin Innovation School is an essential part of delivering its digital innovation objective and overall success. Modules and programmes are delivered by a mix of local and international community of educators, many pracademics and subject area specialists hailing from the worlds of technology, business, psychology, education, technology, media and communications. All content is designed to open up the world of technology (Digital, AI & IoT) and the new opportunities that this brings business.

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